Caspar Sutton-Jones

Saxophonist - Teacher - Producer - Sound Engineer

07969 309804

This is the personal website of Caspar Sutton Jones - Saxophonist, Music Producer, Audio Engineer and Teacher. 

Caspar is available to hire for Gigs, Tuition in Saxophone, Music Theory, Jazz and Music Technology and he offers Online Production, Mixing and Mastering services.

Online Recording

Send me your tracks and I will add a professional studio sax solo, flute solo or horn section to your music. All the studio horn section parts and solos can be written exclusively for your song. All recording is done using SE Electronics microphones on a Pro Tools System.


A custom sax (soprano/alto/tenor/baritone) track or flute track, up to 5 minutes in length, costs £80.

This includes 1 free revision. Additional revisions cost £20 each.

Additional sax/flute tracks on the same piece cost £20 each.


Additional instruments are available (Trumpet/Trombone) at £40 per player.

This includes 1 free revision. Additional revisions cost £20 each per player.


Please Get In Touch to book your online horn section or if you have any further queries.