Caspar Sutton-Jones

Saxophonist - Teacher - Producer - Sound Engineer

07969 309804

This is the personal website of Caspar Sutton Jones - Saxophonist, Music Producer, Audio Engineer and Teacher. 

Caspar is available to hire for Gigs, Tuition in Saxophone, Music Theory, Jazz and Music Technology and he offers Online Production, Mixing and Mastering services.


I offers Music Score Production using professional computer scoring software. Scores and instrumental parts for any size of ensemble can be produced, from solo instrumental/vocal pieces to large-scale orchestral works. All scores are produced to publication standard. I can add lyrics, notes and even produce piano reductions from multi-part arrangements for rehearsal.

I can:

  • Transcribe your music from hand-written scores, MIDI files or audio CD/MP3 files
  • Transpose existing, printed music to any desired key
  • Orchestrate and Arrange your original music. From solo instruments/voices to large ensembles, orchestras and choirs
  • Convert MIDI files into music notation and have arrangements of your music made into standard MIDI files

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